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We are TBMC

TBMC CONSULTING PLC (TBMC) has above five years of experience in providing business and management consultancy services. It provides consulting services to the private business companies, non-governmental and governmental organizations to develop and enhance their organizational, financial and human resource management systems.

Media promotion and development is the other area where TBMC is serving in developing strategies, programs and designing/producing promotional/advocacy materials.

Based on customer(s) demands, it also conducts qualitative and quantitative researches, baseline and socio-economic surveys, rapid assessments and other researches. The permanent and part time staffs from Addis Ababa University as well as other institutions have the required educational background and experiences in conducting such surveys in the areas of education, health, social works and services, business, public relations, mass media.

Our Skills

Business and Management Consultancy Services
Retail Service of Books and Stationary Materials
Translation and Secretarial Services
Printing Services

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Addis Ababa

Bolie Sub City ,

Woreda 08/09, H.No.176/ለ

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